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Teaching concept

The Institute for Construction Economics` mission in education is to systematically promote scientific fundamentals, expert knowledge and development of skills in the area of ‘construction economics’. The taught topics include methods and instruments of holistic planning, construction and use of buildings. Thereby, besides economic, also ecological as well as social and cultural aspects are covered. The modules equip students with the necessary qualifications through lectures and seminars based on novel Case-Study concepts.

In addition, project-, bachelor- and master theses on construction economics topics are offered, such as cost planning, tendering, private construction law, fee determination, project development, project management, real estate management and industrial real estate management.

Within the faculty, the Institute for Construction Economics is positioned in the study program "Architecture and Urban Planning" (Bachelor, Master) and also heads the extra-occupational master programs Industrial Real Estate Management (IREM) and Healthcare Real Estate Management (HREM). In addition, it is engaged at the university level in the Master Online degree program "Building Physics".



Institute for Construction Economics

Keplerstrasse 11, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

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